Monday, August 6, 2007

The last day

Well, we usually try to leave early in the day, so the last day doesn't have much fun in it. This trip we had a late plane out, so we asked each of the kids what they wanted to do on their last day. Fiona wanted to go swimming and Kieran wanted to ride the subway. I know why the pool, but wasn't sure how the subway made the list of highlights, but so be it!

So, we started the day with a VERY cold dip into the pool. I ended up spending most of the time in the hot tubs, which seemed to be back to there expected use, so they where doing better. Kieran and Fiona bounced back and forth between tub and pool. Then we said our fond farewells to the pool area. Meanwhile, Cheri and managed to get our packing finished up, so we sent out bags to storage and headed out to the city one last time. Cheri and Fiona hit the Chicago Art Institute, where they seemed to have a good time. Kieran and I rode the Red line North (subway) and took the Brown Line through the downtown loop (elevated rail). Pretty cool for both of us. Then we returned to the Red line to the Chicago Ave. stop where where hiked over to the Hancock Observatory. Kieran wasn't all that keen on it until we got to the 94th floor, then he raised his opinion of the stop! What a view! While we looked down on the windy city, Kieran spotted a beach to the north of the building and asked if we could go to it.

"Sorry, but that's in the wrong direction Kieran. But we can walk back along the water way if you'd like".

"Well," said Kieran, "how about that one?"

Well, I can't argue against that one, as it's kinda along our way. So we headed over and wading into Lake Michigan, daddy up to his ankles and Kieran up to the bottom of his shorts. Played there for about an hour then started heading back. After trying to walk south past the Chicago River (no good pedestrian walkways) we ended heading back to the Red line for one last subway ride back to the hotel.

Then we grabbed out bags, met our shuttle and head back to Midway Airport. Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half, so I was glad we had games we could play on the gate's floor. It was very crowed at the gate and people began lining up close to an hour before our SCHEDULED departure! People, that's really not necessary. We ended up being trampled, so we moved and where glad to hear pre-boarding included families with children under 8. We'll take that! It was a later flight, so we got a little shut eye on the ride home. Note to self, don't take the back aisle seats as they don't recline because of the bulkhead behind them! So much for taking advantage of pre-boarding!

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