Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 2, Saturday

So, continuing the "my first day" theme, Fiona got to choose our events today. She started by going to the "Chance to Dance" event. Turned out to be a practice for an actual performance during Sunday's lunch. She loved it. Needless to say, she tends toward extrovert! While she was off doing that, Kieran and I got our first chance at the play room. Whoever is in charge of that needs some Kudos! Lots of cool play areas/stations (kitchen, house, construction, castles, art, camping, karaoke, toddlers, etc). Kieran spent his time in the castle play area where someone had loaned a really cool wooden castle with a ton of playmobile and bendable wooden figures.

After practice, it was off to the pools for 2+ hours. You might notice a re-occurring theme with the pool. Hotel's pool was a tad on the cold side for us. They also seemed to have problems keeping the 2 hot-tubs in working order. They where either too hot, too cold, or empty. I don't think they are used to 30+ kids getting in for 5 minutes then getting out again, carrying a ton of water with them.

After a brief stop in the room for food - did I mention we picked up a toaster oven so we can heat up food/make toast/toast bagels/make grilled cheese sandwiches in the room. Good tip for going cheap when you have kids that may eat 1 bite or chow down and you don't want to take the chance on 1 bite with an expensive restaurant. Anyways, after lunch we walked over to the Adler Planetarium. VERY cool. Kids had been to another planetarium near our house, but it was nothing like this. They got to pilot a shuttle around Mars, play with venting gas in a moon like environments, see a planetarium show, visit an early version of star gazing (Atwood sphere), and of course the store. Atwood sphere was a highlight with the kids. Basically it's a giant steel sphere constructed in 1913. You ride a small platform into the sphere, then it rotates like the night sky. It has wholes drilled into it where stars would be, so the light from outside the sphere allows you to imagine you where seeing the night sky. For my part, the store was the best part because I got Kieran to let go of the previous day's must have in lieu of a nicely made model of the Apollo spacecraft complete with detaching rockets, lunar lander, command module, and free-standing astronauts. He was really happy he waited and spent his money on that.

Then it was back to the hotel where I past the kids back to Cheri for dinner while I headed off to Borders to pick up Harry Potter 7. Also met with my area's conference reg chair so we could discuss the website for upcoming conference. Not sure I'm ready for another conference!

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