Monday, August 6, 2007

After events

So Tuesday was our first day to be together again. So, we headed off to the Museum of Science and Industry. VERY COOL. We saw an Omnimax presentation about the Egyptian Mummy's which the kids where luke warm about, but Kieran got a lot more out of as we'll see later. Right outside the theatre we saw an actual Apollo command module and a practice mock up of the Lunar Lander, which Kieran just LOVED after spending the last 3 days playing with his Apollo model! Another of Kieran's favorites was the U-505 exhibit, which is the actual sub capture during WWII. We spent the extra $5 per person to walk through it, and it was worth every penny. I think this was the highlight of Kieran's trip besides seeing great-grandma before hitting Chicago. Also got to go through a mock-up of a coal mine, which was interesting and depressing. Glad we don't have that job.

Wednesday we headed off to the Field Museum. Kids are definitely getting input fatigue as they did not do so well here. They like seeing Sue, the worlds largest and most complete T-Rex (especially since we'd seen "Night at the Museum" the week before). Both also enjoyed the underground adventure, we you are "shrunk" to half an inch and explore what the soil looks like from that height. Kieran also enjoyed the Egyptian section, especially being about to be inches from an actual mummy. Turns out he got a lot more from the Omnimax movie then I thought. Cheri and I ended up taking turns in the museum while the kids played outside. The museum campus is so well done that kids can spend hours on it without every entering the museums there! I ended up taking the kids back toward the hotel where they played amongst one of the art works nearby (, photo does not do it justice. Then, back to the pool!

Tomorrow we pack and head home, but not until we have one last chance to do stuff. More on that soon.

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