Monday, July 23, 2007

Here and BUSY!

Oh, my! I'm clearly bad at blogging. We flew in on Tuesday, drove to Milwaukee, and were back in Chicago on Thursday. Now it's the last day of the conference and I'm finally at a computer. The conference is wonderful, exciting, stimulating. . . also exhausting and overwhelming, especially with two 5 year olds who are doing a great job letting Mommy and Daddy participate, but really need more activity and room to run.

I've been attending mostly CE sessions and I promise to review them, but probaby when we get home. I signed up for sessions based on speaker names - oh, I know THAT name, I want to hear that person speak. So far I've been pleased with my sessions but I am starting to hit brain overload. I am going to do one last exhibit hall run before it closes (there aren't enough exhibit hall hours!).

The conference rooms are cold, cold, cold. I am carrying 2 sweaters and wool socks to put on during my sessons. I look like I'm bundled up for winter, not July in Chicago.

It's been wonderful to meet Leaders from all over the world. I've especially appreciated putting faces to names that I only know from the Community Network. No one ever looks the way I picture them.

Off to the bookstore and to enjoy my last day!

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