Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day "0": Thurday July 19th

Well, despite the date of this post, I wanted to back track a little and tell you about our first day in the windy city.

We drove down from Milwaukee with what we thought was plenty of time. We left at a little after 11 am for a TWO HOUR TOUR (with cheesy Gilligan's island theme)...I mean drive. Now, we while we don't live in the LA basin, we have visited it occasionally. LA has nothing compared to downtown Chicago. We drove to the heart and was averaging some awfully slow speed. At least in LA they have carpool and express lanes for traffic not getting on and off anytime soon. Not so in here. It's slow in every lane, and it doesn't get better anywhere.

Once we got to the hotel, I returned to Midway airport to return the rental car, something our GPS thought ought to take 15 minutes, but really got me to the airport barely in time to avoid extra charges. The Metra trip back to the hotel was very pleasant in comparison. Note to self: don't drive in Chicago anymore.

By the time I got back, 2 hours had past. 2 hours in which the kids had already unpacked and hit the to love that enthusiasm!!! They where definitely ready for an extended hotel stay.

We'd asked for a refrigerator, which the hotel had limited numbers. We managed to snag one, which made me reconsider the 2 portable coolers we had picked up. However, by the time we got up Friday morning, it was warmer in the fridge then outside of it. Back to plan A for keeping our milk, cheese, and lunch meat cold. Course, took the hotel another 36 hours to actually come and take the defective appliance away, but that's efficiency for you. We ended up showing up with 2 full coolers after my grandmother got done giving us food galore. Now we just have to empty the ice machine twice a day!

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