Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello from Cheri

Well, James beat me to it! I'm very excited about this conference. We've been planning for this since 2005 and it's almost here! This is my first blog, so be patient with me! I'm already in trouble with my husband for commenting on his spelling.

As James already mentioned, I've been a Leader for 3 years. In addition to my "regular" Leader activities, I also help out the area by tabulating the Leader Activity reports and working on our Area Conference Events Team ("Nurture a Child Heart, Mind, and Body: Breastfeed!" October 12-14 2007 at the Sacramento Radisson. . . you're all invited). Can you tell I'm a conference junkie?

We have 5-year old twins who are also excited about the conference, although their excitement stems from the promise of an airplane ride (which will last until about 30 minutes after the plane takes off, with 4 1/2 hours to go) and getting to visit their great-Grandma. James' grandmother lives in Wisconsin, so our plan is to fly to Chicago a few days early, spend some time with Grandma, then back to Chicago for the Conference.

Bedtime here, so I'd better go stop the escalating wildness before it gets out of control.


C said...

I'm familiar with the bed time escalating wildness here at our place too! *grin*

MacMom said...

Cheri, I can feel the excitement in your first post, and it's making me excited about the Conference, too. Before we know it we will be there. :)